420s in the spotlight at the YCGM

420The YCGM is in the spotlight in the media this week!

In addition to the article published in the Midi Libre on Thursday 27 May, it is the turn of France 3 Languedoc Roussillon to make the colours of our club fly high on Friday 28 May during the regional news. 

You can find the Midi Libre article here and the France 3 video here

This beautiful 420 regatta selective for the World and European Championships and these results are the fruit of the work of our employees whom we thank, of the contribution of the members of the club and our volunteers invested through their skills, that we congratulate for their active participation.

We would like to congratulate once again the first 3 crews of the general ranking who qualified for the 420 World Championships in Sanremo at the beginning of July: Ange DELERCE and Timothé ROSSI (SR Antibes), Solenza MARIANI and Clara OLIVE (YC Maugio-Carnon), Julien BUNEL and Anna COMBET (BN Mare e Vela and La Pelle Marseille)

The regatta ended with the words of Didier ROSSI, president of 420 Uniqua France: "The YCGM knew that it was impossible to organise a regatta in 15 days. So they said yes and they did it! We will strongly support any request from the YCGM to organise an international 420 event. We want to come back to La Grande Motte soon."

Long live the YCGM on the eve of a season that will undoubtedly be magnificent...