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Label école de sport - fédération française de voile - YCGM


The French Sailing Federation has set up the “School of Sport” label which covers initiation activities in sailing regatta for 6-14 yo.

This label aims to develop and control the quality of benefits and sport services organized by clubs for young practitioners.

The Sports School or EDS allows you to discover navigation and learn about sports : 

  • The objectives : take pleasure in sailing, to manoeuvre your boat at different speeds, leave and come back from the beach or the hold, know how to stop and restart, acquire the basics of sailing and participate in regattas at departmental level.

  • The principle : sailings are wednesday and/or saturday afternoon, from 2 pm to 5 pm from september to december and from mid-february to the end of june.

  • The proposed supports : Optimist (from 6 yo) - Windsurf (from 8 yo)


Title - Sports season 2017 - 2018


Sportive initiation

from 16 sept. 2017 to 16 déc. 2017
& from 10 février to 20 juin 2018

Training on Wednesdays and/or Saturdays from 2pm to 5pm (depending on the discipline)

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Training package

Activities ages 1 entr. hebdo.* 2 entr. hebdo.*
Windsurf 8-14 200€ 300€
Optimist 8-10 200€ 300€
Training courses excluding training packages: basis of 10€ per day

Prices (€) including VAT - excluding FFV licence and YCGM annual fee


Forfait matériel

ACTIVITÉS 1ère année* Annes suivantes*
0 150€
bateau complet niv. école
0 150€
école de sport - Planche à voile - YCGM
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