Boats parks

You own a dinghy, a catamaran, a sportboat, a kite or a windsurf...

You want to buy a boat but you have no garage or garden...

You come on holiday with your boat in your luggage...!!!


Our club offers you places for your boat whether it is for a year, a fortnight or a week. When the club is open, we provide security for our owners: a qualified technical manager is always on land in case of problems and zodiacs are on the water on days when there is Sailing School.

Each berth is numbered and allocated to one boat only. We just ask you to be careful not to overflow on your neighbour...

As far as facilities are concerned, rinsing points and sanitary facilities (indoor and outdoor showers, changing rooms and toilets) are available at all times. The equipment shop will allow you to store your sails, rudders, daggerboards, windsurfing masts as well as ropes and pulleys (to be put in a box in your name).

A relaxation area is at your disposal.

Don't hesitate to come with your family, the weekend barbecues are very convivial...!

A dynamic team of sportsmen and women offers activities, regattas, meals, raids... all year round.

Rates for places 2017

Support Civil Year
01/01 to 31/12
from 01/07 to 31/08
    7-day week Fortnightly 14 days
Dinghy 225€ 50€ 80€
Catamaran 400€ 60€ 100€
Monotype 1000€ 80€ 140€
Outdoor windsurfing locker 120€ 40€ 60€
Interior Locker 3m     145€ 40€ 60€
Interior Locker 1.2m     120€ 40€ 60€

Payment & Attribution

Payment for places

The deadline for payment for the renewal of a place for the calendar year is 31 March 2017.

After this date, the amount of your pitch will be increased by 10%.

If you pay for your place before 31 January 2017, you will receive a 10% discount (on the amount of the pitch excluding membership fees) and you will keep the same pitch number.

Place allocation

Places for the calendar year are allocated in priority to those for the seasonal period.

As soon as we receive your registration and full payment, you will be given a pitch number. You will need to collect your membership card from our reception desk, as well as the sticker to affix to your boat or board.


Crédit photo : Didier Hilaire