Label FFV Club Sport Loisir

The French Sailing Federation institutes labels to promote the services and benefits offered by its affiliated associations and establishments. These labels aim to develop the quality of these services, to allow access to the greatest number of people and to increase the loyalty of the members of these structures.

The field of Leisure Sailing which covers the following activities:

- Club activities

- The practices in supervised sites

- The provision of nautical equipment free of charge or for a fee

- The provision of pitches, racks, services, etc., either free of charge or for a fee

- Sessions " discovery sailing ".


You want to sail all year round but you don't own a boat or a windsurf board: join our leisure club!

It allows occasional, autonomous and/or supervised sailing for adults who don’t own a boat and who have the minimum required skills.

The proposed activities: supervised free sailing, courses, participation in various "club" activities according to level.

By joining this leisure club, you will have the possibility to take part in "sport club" activities (club regatta training) and "discovery" activities (raids, after-work,...).

Conditions of access: to be a member of the club, the Leisure Club is open to beginners.

Lessons are given on Saturday and Sunday mornings (subject to the minimum requirements) from mid-March to early June and from mid-September to late November.

Free sailing is available on Saturday and Sunday afternoons from mid-March to the end of November, plus every day from 5pm to 7.30pm as soon as our Rental Point is open (from mid-June to mid-September), depending on the availability of equipment.

 Available equipment: windsurf, catamaran, Surprise,... or even paddle, RS Feva...

The contributions*

The contributions* Year From 01/09/17 to 31/12/17
Adult contribution 240€ 90€
Adult contribution 2nd person of the same family (spouse...)   120€ 50€
Student contribution 115€ 40€
CE fee (per person, for a minimum of 5 people)     180€ 60€


*The subscription of a "leisure club" package requires a federal title, in accordance with the FFV rules of procedure.

In accordance with the internal regulations of the FFV, the "Club Voile" licence is compulsory (28.50€ for under 18s, 57€ for adults in 2019) .

The tickets**

Notebooks Rate
BOOK OF 10 TICKETS     50€
BOOKS OF 100 TICKETS (10% discount)
BOOKS OF 200 TICKETS (15% discount) 850€

**The tickets are nominative. They can be bought in groups by members of the same CE or family. They are valid until 31 December of the year of purchase. Tickets not used within this period will not be taken back or refunded. 


Supervised free sailing     Support Duration Number of ticket
Saturday and Sunday afternoon     Paddle 1h00 1
evening weekday summer     Paddle >1H00 2
Saturday and Sunday afternoon     PAV 1H30 2
evening weekday summer PAV >1H30 3
Saturday and Sunday afternoon    
LASER 2h00 3
evening weekday summer LASER >2H00 4
Saturday and Sunday afternoon CATA HC 15 3h00 8
evening weekday summer CATA HC 15 2H30 6
Saturday and Sunday afternoon CATA HC 16 3h00 10
evening weekday summer CATA HC 16 2H30 8
Saturday and Sunday afternoon SURPRISE 3h00 16
Saturday and Sunday afternoon SURPRISE 1J 24
Courses Support Duration Number of tickets
Per person, including materials     PAV (slalom,funboard) 1h30 3
Per person, including materials     Cata-dériveur 3H00 5
Per person, including materials     Sport boat (surprise) 3H00 6